Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a moving target. I know much about on and off site optimization and has been a member on the professional forum WebProWorld (WPW). Today I have a MVP (Most Valued Poster) status there. My nick there is kgun. I have been a member since 2005. Some years ago, when I was very active there, I was rated number one for a period of time. You must login or register to view my profile. If you want to get an overview threads I have started there that is also possible. You will see that many of the threads are marketing related. Among other things you will find this thread about link removal request that today (January 5th 2014) is on the home / front page of the forum. Many of the threads that you find in the above query has been on the front page. SEO is and will be important. You can do much wrong, especially if you come to a forum like WPW and read the latest threads. You will get at good example if you read the above link removal thread. We can do SEO for you, but it is not cheap. We live in Norway with a high wage level and run a lot of websites. In our view, static brand linking will be more important in the future.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social signals are important for some search engines. Marketing is and important part of a webmaster's job and they use social networks and social media sites in their branding and marketing. On page SEO is what you do on your own site. Off site SEO is the job you do to get your site known. Writing on forums, other people's blogs and on article sites is one way to get inbound links to your site. The last message from the biggest search engine, Google, is that you shall be careful with this. There are a lot of link building schemes that can be regarded as spam and penalized by a search engine. We always take the message from the worlds biggest online marketing company with a grain of salt. What is their agenda for the (new algorithmic change) or invention? Since Google is sceptical to many of the companies that competes with them, we can ask, if you use their AdWords in your online marketing, what is your rate of return? Where are you Ads shown? You can control that to a certain amount, but not like you can on a specific site. Social Media Optimization is the branding job you do in social networks and on social media sites.

Marketing opportunities.

You have a lot of marketing options in our network. Be aware, you will not be able to buy a single link in our network without the rel="nofollow" attribute on the link. It is the same for text, brand, image and video links. Don't misuse our and your time by contacting us about any outbound advertising link without that attribute on it. So what are your opportunities.

  1. Note: according to Google guidelines every link (text, image, video etc.) shall carry the rel="nofollow" attribute. Trying to negotiate on that is regarded as an unserious request.
  2. Digital contract marketing for minimum one month. Among them:
  3. Text links.
  4. Brand / logo or image links
  5. Articles and article links if your article is accepted. Again don't misuse our or your time with link and / article spam. If your are a professional webmaster, you know what we mean.
  6. Syndicated mini site within our network where every link is rel="nofollowed".
  7. Your own blog in a Norwegian blog network.
  8. Local or global map marketing
  9. Directory inclusion
  10. Franchise site as a sub site or an add on domain in our network.
  11. Native or embedded video marketing So if you have a marketing video on a video site we can embed it for you in your marketing.
  12. Mobile marketing. You will note that this site and my home page is responsive. Want to know more about Responsive Web Design (RWD)?
  13. To be more precise: Text, images and videos that fit to the users screen (responsive).
  14. You find a lot of more information on my home page. You can have the Ken Burns effect on your images. You can get rotating video marketing.
  15. Best contact form
  16. Be aware that the way the form is filled out is critical if you will apply.

Some banner ad examples for your company. Great for branding.